duminică, 26 iunie 2011


I miss you

Every morning of everyday, I look out the window and I pray. I pray to the intangible shape of the vanishing moon and I pray to the imposing rise of the sun. I pray for that dawn to be back again, for you to be standing over me, with one hand in my hair and the other on my heart. I pray for your scent to drive me crazier with every moment with you, for my vase to have flowers in it again, for me to simply be happy.

Every afternoon, after I wrote you another letter, I hide behind the sofa and I pray again. I pray to the unstoppable time and the cruel distance. I pray for that day, that moment, that look to be right here, and for my heart to hear you say those three words over and over again. I pray for you to give in to me, forget about him, her, it, them and let yourself melt in the heat of the moment, under my touch.

Every night, before I fall asleep, my prayers are listened. You, me, us, all I wish for every time I close my eyes and put my hands together in prayer is here in a neverending now.

I love you